You can order from Liven kitchen furniture along with appliances, so that it would be nice to move into a new home.

The kitchen, designed jointly by architects from Liven and PIN, is in harmony with the interior design of the whole apartment. The colour tones and materials in the kitchen were chosen to suit both the feature walls and the parquet.

In each apartment, we have designated a wall that can be ordered in light green, dark green or light grey. In the case of the feature wall, the skirting boards and the interior doors are the same colour, and we also recommend choosing matching colours for the kitchen.

It is possible to choose the finish of the lower cabinets, refrigerator door, cupboards, as well as the countertop and backsplash. Top cabinets can be ordered in parquet colour or white / dark grey rib.

You will get the best overview of the finishes when you visit us at Liven’s office.


We have chosen kitchen appliances from Electrolux, which are especially functional and reliable.

For example, cleaning the pyrolytic oven saves you time, and the 700 Series SenseCook® oven with LCD screen and food sensor lets you monitor the internal temperature of the food. This lets you know when the food is ready and turns the oven automatically off.


The integrated refrigerator has an ice-free system and LED lights, which allow you to see into every nook and cranny.

Dishwasher 600 SatelliteClean® technology rinses dishes almost three times better with water than a conventional sprayer.


The furniture has a thin (12mm) acrylic surface, which is environmentally friendly, easy to clean and convenient to process.

You can choose between white and black, and the backsplash behind the countertop is made of white or dark laminate.

The drawers are made of high-quality Blum or Grass elements.


Things are packed. Move to New Zealand.

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