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Information about parking

Parking and storage spaces are located on the underground floor. The price of a parking space is 10.000 EUR and the prices of storage rooms are 1.300–1.600 EUR (1.3–1.6 m2). It is not obligatory to purchase a storage room or a parking space. There is a lockable bicycle storage space for the residents under each building. At the entrance to the car park, there is a place to wash your bicycle.


Start of the first construction phase

February 2021

Deadline for choosing the interior finishing

March 2021

Start of the second construction phase

Summer 2021

First phase completed

April 2022

Second phase completed

Autumn 2022

You buy a home from Liven, not a piece of real estate

Building homes is our passion. Although our intention is to build a home for you, we start out by building it for ourselves. We believe that personal meaning makes it possible to give a home soul, individuality and uniqueness.

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