New Zealand has nature, sea views and a sandy beach

The facades reflect the transition from the city to nature, being more restrained when viewed from the street and opening strongly to the sea in the direction of the evening sun. The offset layout of the buildings ensures a beautiful view from every home, while creating a pleasant courtyard. Warm wood on the facades with a deep dark grey tone creates a cosy and homely feeling, and opportunities to spend free time in the fresh air give you the freedom that you will not find anywhere else in the city. Homes have an A-energy class label. Solar panels on the roof also support energy efficiency.

Markus Nimik, Jaan Port, Neeme Tiimus

PIN Architects

Everyone enjoys the proximity to the sea

The offset layout of New Zealand houses provides a beautiful view for all residents, opening to the evening sun. Towards the sea.

Every home has an observation platform

Every home in New Zealand has a private balcony or terrace so you don't have to gaze at the sea or surrounding greenery from behind a glass. The ceiling height is 3 meters, and each home has 2.6-meter windows, which make the home even brighter.

Car-free yard

In New Zealand, cars stay in an underground car park. There is a green area between the buildings, where you can walk, sit or think.


The carefully designed space between the buildings offers the joy of discovery and a variety of leisure activities for the family and the new emerging community, who have higher than average expectations for the garden and courtyard between the buildings.

28. This place enables to grow together with the nature that is characteristic of the area. The scenery behind the window presents challenges that make you forget about your smart device and another favourite TV series.

Edgar Kaare, landscape architect - expert, level 8