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New Zealand

New Zealand is now closer than ever. It is a new development in Merimetsa.

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You can't
get any
closer to the sea

  • Centre 5 min

  • Rocca al Mare 2 min

  • Zoo 3 min

There are only toy cars
in this yard

In New Zealand, cars stay in an underground car park. There is a green area between the buildings, where you can walk, sit or think.
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Every home has an observation platform

Every home in New Zealand has a private balcony or terrace so you don't have to gaze at the sea or surrounding greenery from behind a glass.

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Tell us
what kind of home do you want.

Tell us what kind of home you want. We want to do the interior finishing together with you. We create buildings, but you will turn It into a home. Come and choose everything from colours to furniture.

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Start of the first construction phase

February 2021

Deadline for choosing the interior finishing

March 2021

Start of the second construction phase

Summer 2021

First phase completed

April 2022

Second phase completed

Autumn 2022

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You buy a home from Liven, not a piece of real estate

Building homes is our passion. Although our intention is to build a home for you, we start out by building it for ourselves. We believe that personal meaning makes it possible to give a home soul, individuality and uniqueness.

Things are packed. Move to New Zealand.

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