New Zealand is now closer than ever before. “New Zealand” (Uus-Meremaa) is our new development in Merimetsa.

A seaside home must fit in with the environment and have a pleasing design. To find the best possible solution, we organized an architectural competition. The winning entry for the suspenseful and exciting competition was Lahepea, submitted by PIN Arhitektid, which also happens to be the name of the street.

The entry by PIN Arhitektid was able to strike an ideal balance between people and the environment. It is precisely these types of houses that fit like a glove along the seafront and the corner of Merimetsa Park Forest.

Most of the apartments offer a view of the sea and have a balcony or terrace. A large courtyard will be built between the buildings, where it will be fun to spend time and children will be able to play.

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Price limit: 90 000€

Christel Blaubrük, Liven Kinnisvara +372 528 6175